Mobile Trailer Genset
Taizhou Kaihua Diesel Generator Sets Co., Ltd is one of the toppest Tractor Type Generator set,Tractor Type Genset in China.During these years of exporting , Taizhou Kaihua Diesel Generator Sets Co., Ltd now has rich experience in the worldwide markets
  • Standard Features:

  • 1.Trailer
    2.Landing leg
    3.Sealed case
    4.Roof edge waterproof structure
    5.Residential muffler
    6.Lifting structure
    7.Roof segment structure
    8.Built-in high-density soundproof cotton & fire retardant cotton

  • Traffic Safety

  • 1.Standardized with gears and supporting legs for parking safety;
    2.Equipped with guide wheels and traction chain for driving safety;
    3.Optional selection of drum brake, disc brake and hydraulic brake for brake safety;
    4.Optional equipped with warning lights, turn signals and reflective stickers for passive safety;
    5.The orderly primacy is beneficial to driving and docking.

  • Shock Absorption System

  • 1.Vibration isolators are fitted between the engine, alternator and base frame, which can effectively reduce vibration and ensure stable running;
    2.The high quality base frame material can improve the vibration reduction effect.

  • Easy Mobility

  • 1.Trailer chassis is equipped with drag, pull and other functional parts for easier use, and it satisfies the requirements of mining, road engineering and other industries operating environments;
    2.Consistent with the size design of the economic gensets for reducing the transportation cost;
    3.There are folding trailers and adjusting turning radius;
    4.The double hanger structure can make sure the lifting center of gravity without affecting the space for operation and maintenance.

  • Humanization Design

  • 1.The canopy is designed according to the fluidics that its weight is lighter and is more soundproof;
    2.Artifical intelligent control for more accurate and sensitiveness;
    3.Digital image display function for easy understanding and reading;
    4.The layout is designed according with ergonomic for easy viewing and operation;
    5.The branded accessories and spare parts can be available for various products;
    6.The consumables meet the requirements of general standards that are easy to be purchased.

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